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The BonaVibe Tribe
The Better Choice, The Better Price

We started this journey with pure intentions to provide the highest quality CBD products, for the best prices on the market. We cut no corners along the way. We are proud to be here and to share our products with you..

The prices for CBD products seem unjust. We’re here to shed light on this. We aim to set the bar with quality products for the best price. Not just because It’s possible, but because It’s the right thing to do.

We offer more than just CBD. Our line of Algae oil products are perfect for your body Omega-3 needs. Plus, amazing things happen when you take our products together. CBD and Omega-3s are truly a match made in nature.

Our products are 100% natural and extracted from plants. Say goodbye to all unwanted additives and custom formulations.

The BonaVibe Tribe – We Are Here For You

We want our people to get the most out of cannabinoids. This natural substance is so important, we take this personally.

Omega-3s have big roles in our endocannabinoid system as well. We believe if someone is Omega-3 efficient, then cannabinoids can deliver to the body more effectively.

In regards to our Algae oil. We want to inspire people to stop taking fish oil. Fish oil products are far from natural. Our oceans are being overfished, the marine ecosystems are being damaged, and unfortunately our marine life has been contaminated. Algae oil provides the perfect solution to these issues.

Everyone needs Omega-3s. Their vital for human health. Omega-3s support brain, eye, and heart health. All of that is done at a cellular level. So most importantly they support cell health.

Having healthy cells is crucial for preventing and or fighting disease. Most diseases begin at the cellular level. Many Americans are greatly Omega-3 deficient due to high levels of saturated fats and Omega-6s in typical diets.

We’re Into Health Wellness & Fitness

CBD & Omega-3s fit in perfectly to your everyday routines. Whether you’re getting “30 minutes in”, bodybuilding”, or simply need an extra dose of healthiness, our products will keep you performing at optimal levels.

Athletes all around the world are including CBD into their routines. CBD has proven itself to help reduce pain and inflammation. Even working with your body to prevent it. Experience quicker recovery times with our all natural Full Spectrum CBD oil.

And we promise to continue creating the best health and fitness products the world has ever seen.

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