We had the opportunity to sit down with BonaVibe Racing driver & brand ambassador Matthew Brueck to hear his amazing story about why he uses BonaVibe CBD.

For many, racing is seen as racing cars going around a circle track, such as NASCAR. But for many, motorsports go much further than this. At an early age, Matthew Brueck would attend racing events at the local race track. His love for racing began behind the fence watching his future mentors battling on track. His love for racing quickly overpowered his passion for football and baseball, which led to Matthew racing go-karts in 1998.

Matthew raced for many years in karts. From the local autocross events to chasing his F1 dreams with RedBull karting series, Matthew gave everything to work his way up to the pro series. In 2005 at the age of 15, he began racing cars with the SCCA in his Mazda Miata. The learning transition was short as Matthew was hitting the track for over 30+ events per year. He focused his time on learning the craft of racing. From reading instructional books and racing schools, to driving with coaches and volunteering for the SCCA, he dedicated his time to assist with course design and oversaw the junior karting program. It was here where Matthew decided to take the next step in his career.

In 2008, Matthew rented the TGPR facility in Alabama for a track day. This started as a fun event for his friends, but due to low drivers, he reached out to the internet to fill spots. Before he knew it, Matthew was hosting track events full time across the Southeast. This is where the iTrack Motorsports event organization was created. “I wanted to create a place for drivers to come and learn in a fun and friendly atmosphere,” Matthew says. “I really got into this to get seat time for myself. Over the years I have driven less and less at my events which is fine. But I just missed competing for myself.” Since its opening, iTrack has provided over 60 track and drifting events for the local automotive community at race tracks of all sizes.

Matthew spent many years driving various events in different forms of motorsports. “I think driving so many different vehicles in so many forms of motorsports are what has given me the experience I have,” said Matthew. He took multiple trophies home from many different series. But with his business growing, getting married and moving, Matthew took a step back from the driver’s seat. That is when things went south.

In January of 2018, Matthew was diagnosed with Ramsay Hunt Syndrome. This rare form of shingles attacks the inner ear canal, causing paralyzation of the face, hearing loss and life lasting nerve pain. This was devastating to Matthew. “I thought that was it for me. I could barely walk in the first few weeks. I remember thinking to myself that I wasted my healthy years not chasing my dream of pro racing,” said Matthew. The doctors put him on a full-time prescription of oxycodone to combat the nerve pain. This made day-to-day life for Matthew almost impossible. The oxycodone was crippling to his health and he knew he had to make a change.

Around the same time, Matthew’s friends’ father was diagnosed with lung cancer. He was told there were no other options to stop the cancer from spreading except to shock his body with CBD. Desperate to save his life, he began taking extremely large amounts of CBD day and night. In just a few months’ time, he was completely cancer free. This was enough for Matthew to take the step and give CBD a try. “It started helping the first time I took it. I was finally able to work again, hang with friends, and start driving again. It changed my life.”

After fighting off the RHS, Matthew was eager to get behind the wheel again. He began drifting at his events. He was slow to get back on track, only able to do a few laps at a time. He would attend as many events over the next year as he could to regain his comfort in a vehicle on track. By the end of the year, Matthew was 100% and ready to get racing again.

“I knew I wanted to go racing again, but I wanted to try something different, something that would push me,” Matthew says. “I have always loved going off-road. I have been hitting trails since a kid, but never considered off-road racing because everything I raced was on asphalt. That was until I found out about King of the Hammers and Ultra4.” The Ultra4 series started as a single race in Johnson Valley, CA. With just 13 drivers the first year, Ultra4 has grown into an international series with races all around the world. The highlight for this is “King of the Hammers”. This week-long event brings over 100,000 people to the dusty desert of Johnson Valley known as Hammertown, USA. “Ultra4 and King of the Hammers specifically have been known as the hardest single day race in motorsports. What better way to get back into racing than the hardest one?” Matthew laughs.

In early 2019, Matthew reached out to BonaVibe to partner together and build a team. Matthew immediately hit it off with co-founders Derek and Tanner and in just a short time, the BonaVibe Racing Team was created. In this, Matthew would take on the role of overseeing the first CBD brand to sponsors an off-road racing team, as well as pilot the 4600 class Nissan Frontier in Ultra4. BonaVibe would pick the Nissan Frontier as the chassis to use in the 4600 class or “stock class”. “We wanted something modern with independent front suspension. With the high up class being run by IFS trucks, we wanted to bring this technology to the stock vehicles,” said Matthew.

Matthew and the BonaVibe team are currently working on the #4669 BonaVibe Racing Nissan Frontier for the 2019-2020 racing season. While early in the build process, many sponsors and volunteers have stepped up to provide assistance in the build. Once complete, the team will be traveling around the country for races with Ultra4, Dirt Riot Series, as well as various off-road events. “We are excited to race of course,” said Matthew. “King of the Hammers is really why we are doing this, but it will be exciting to see the truck at regular events. We want everyone to feel a part of the team. You can’t have a team that translates to “good vibes” and not hit the trails with all of your fans.”

Want to follow Matthew and BonaVibe Racing’s journey to King of the Hammers? Follow the team on Instagram for their latest updates and for their upcoming race events. See you in the dirt!