Our Vibe

 How it all started.

Our Story

It all started with childhood adventures and a dream realized. Growing up in Central California in between the coast and the mountains, Derek and Tanner found themselves craving adventure in every form they could get. From snowboarding, hiking, cliff jumping, surfing, scuba diving and trips to the San Joaquin River, any moment they could get outside was considered a success.

As they got older, long and grueling days of adventure slowly brought along pain and injuries suffered. Tanner and Derek decided to address their pain by treating it naturally which started their journey in the cannabis industry. The two decided to experiment with CBD isolate to create custom formulations that would help alleviate their pain. Through this process of trying to develop natural products with high potency in mind, the overwhelming evidence of full spectrum oils led them into a different direction and drive them away from CBD isolate.

The introduction of Omega 3s came into play during the development of their business. Tanner had been studying and researching Algae for 10+ years. But while researching cannabinoids and the endocannabinoid system more thoroughly, the discovery of how Omega 3s might play an important role led to more questions and a thirst for deeper knowledge.

After years of research and development, Tanner and Derek launched BonaVibe in September 2018 offering 100% all-natural CBD and Omega 3 products. The brand is dedicated to providing quality products for consumers to assist with their healthy and active lifestyle.

Tanner Louen


Derek Bell


Our Vibe

Bona in Latin means good. Vibe defines a person’s emotional state. Put the two together, and our brand name translates to “Good Vibe”. This is the feeling that comes along with using our high quality products that are produced with transparency and allows your body to function at an optimal level to keep up with your active lifestyle.

Our CBD is sourced from high quality hemp producers located in Colorado. Aligned with our mission, we provide all lab testing results for our CBD products which can be found by scanning the unique QR code on our bottles. We aim to set the bar high by making quality products accessible to everyone. Not just because it’s possible, but because it’s the right thing to do.

We offer more than just CBD. Our line of Algae oil products are perfect for your bodies Omega-3 needs. Plus, amazing things happen when you take our products together. CBD and Omega-3s are truly a match made in nature. You can feel good about using our Algae based Omega-3’s. Think no overfishing, no chemicals or harsh solvents used in extraction, and no consuming omega’s coming from contaminated marine systems. Good for our environment and for your health.

Our Mission

Our mission is simple: To provide quality products that allow people to live a healthy and active lifestyle. We do this by being transparent on where we source, extract, and bottle all of our products. Our goal is to make CBD and Algae based Omega 3’s accessible to people of all walks of life and for our customers to live the good life with BonaVibe.