Omega-3 Algae Sourced DHA Softgels

Omega-3 Algae Sourced DHA Softgels


Our Algae Oil is 100% All Natural. It’s Water Extracted From Algae Grown Indoors In The Purest Environments. Our Water Extraction Is Free Of Any Harsh Chemicals Or Enzymes, Resulting In The Purest Concentration Of DHA Triglycerides. These Softgels Are Packed With 350 Milligrams Of DHA Each, And Made With Plant Based Gelatin. Our Algae Oil Is The Perfect Alternative To Fish Oil And The Most Natural Source For Your Body’s Omega 3 Needs.

Omega-3 Algae Sourced DHA

350 mg DHA + 3.5 mg EPA Per Softgel

Supports Brain, Eye & Heart Health for Optimal Wellness.