There is something fishy about fish oil. For starters, is not ecologically friendly. All natural? That’s a stretch.  We believe Algae oil is the perfect solution to both concerns. Here’s why.

Once delivered to a facility, thousands of fish are indiscriminately ground into a meal. This meal is steamed, pressed, and squeezed to collect the oils. The oils are sent through a harsh solvent extraction process, often with hexane or ethanol, which damages the omega-3s on a cellular level. In addition, the oils begin to oxidize immediately, so antioxidants and additives are necessary to preserve the oils.

With an already damaged marine ecosystem, why further the problem? We are overfishing our oceans, and our marine life has suffered from major contamination. Heavy metals for example have been found in seafood, and were discovered in fish oil products prompting recalls and regulations.

Our Algae is cultivated indoors free from environmental exposure, which never disrupts the marine ecosystem. The oil is captured through a unique water extraction process, free from any solvents and without damaging the cells. There are no contaminants, heavy metals, or residual solvents present in our oil. This unique water extraction allows for the purest concentration of 99% DHA triglycerides. Our Algae oil is 100% natural and so stable we can offer it in tincture form. Say goodbye to unnatural and unwanted additives. It taste great, and we think you’ll love it!