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The domestic and global CBD markets are set to explode in coming years, as more and more businesses and consumers discover the potential uses of this incredible plant. One of the fastest growing segments of the hemp industry is the CBD hemp oil market- this growth benefits everyone in the sector including CBD oil wholesalers.

Unlike marijuana products, hemp-derived CBD products are sold as supplements and are legal to purchase and ship throughout all 50 U.S. states. The retail value of the 2016 hemp-based CBD market in the U.S. alone was estimated to be $130 million, according to a market research report by Vote Hemp and the Hemp Business Journal. The CBD market is expected to grow 700 percent to reach $2.1 billion by 2020.

Why is CBD Such a Hot Industry Right Now?

A major reason is the science. Studies have indicated that CBD has a number of therapeutic benefits and that it serves as an antioxidant and neuroprotective. Given that it is associated with the growing $3.72 trillion wellness industry, it makes sense that CBD would stand to benefit from the rising tide. Changes in legality and consumer attitude have also helped grow the market.

Any Business can Become a CBD Oil Wholesale Business

The hemp oil market used to be just manufacturers and small retailers but now it’s much more mature and already big enough to support hemp oil wholesalers.

Suddenly it’s not just something or esoteric health shops but retailers nationwide including medical/healthcare offices, health clinics, independent pharmacies, wellness centers, convenience stores, as well as head/smoke shops are offering hemp oil as a proven therapeutic remedy. Even organic and natural food stores, spas and health salons, gyms, and yoga studios are getting on board. Becoming a wholesale CBD partner is part of the growth story of the whole category.

If you buy CBD in bulk you don’t just have to sell to consumers. Hemp oil CBD is also becoming a highly sought after ingredient in nutritional supplements, foods, cosmetics, hair products, skin care products, anti-aging products, pet care products and much more. The range of opportunities is enormous, and it makes sense to explore what you could do as with CBD wholesale.

Why Partner with Us for Wholesale Hemp Oil?

We are building our reputation on product quality, organizational transparency and rigorous research practice. We’re climbing up to become the leading brand of CBD Oil in the North American market and you can join us. We’re doing this by providing high quality fairly priced product, fully traceable from plant to bottle.

With massive, growing marketing demand adding CBD to your offerings for your patients or customers is a smart business decision.

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If you own an existing business and would like to resell our CBD hemp oil products in your business, contact us to find out about our guidelines for CBD distributors. We are happy to discuss Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) and can work on delivering you great wholesale prices to allow your business to earn healthy margins while your customers get the benefits of our high grade wholesale hemp oil products.

 Please remember your business details including your EIN and state resellers license will be required.